Our Pastor & First Lady


Dr. Larry Green Sr. and Deac. Betty Green


Dr. Green has served on several community boards, such as the Roxbury Multi-Service Center, METCO, Pine Street Inn, and the Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center. He is a lover of God and His Word. He has more than 30 years experience in personal counseling and curriculum design. In 1985 he was certified as a Prepared/Enriched Marriage Counselor. Additionally, he has received certificates from the efficacy Institute, Boston Public Schools Center for Leadership Development and BPS Mentor Program.

Modt recently he completed his D.Ed. in Pastoral Community Counseling from Argosy University. During his first year as an assistant pastor at New Hope, which had 1,000 members at that time, Dr. Green heard a statistic that stated 80-85% of congregants in the African-American Church get their counseling from their pastor. Pursuing this kind of doctoral degree was decided as he reflected on his time as assistant pastor and the frightened feelings he had when realizing that he was not equipped to counsel the amount of members that were present at the church. He is happy to have completed the four year program.


Also, Dr. Green was formally the assistant principal of the Agassiz Elementary School in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. He received his Masters in Education from Cambridge College. On February 12, 1999, he was certified by the Southern Baptist Convention as a Seminary Extension teacher in the Basic and Diploma Series. This certification represents approval for him to teach courses anywhere in the worldwide network of Southern Baptist Seminary Extension centers.  Dr. Green is also the Vice President of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Boston and Vicinity.


His favorite scriptures are Proverbs 3:5-6. Dr. Green demonstrated his willingness to trust the Lord with all his heart when he followed the leading of the Lord to Mt. Calvary Holy Assembly. At Mt. Calvary, he served as Jr. Church Pastor for 10 years. As he continued to acknowledge God, he was directed to return to the church of his youth, New Hope Baptist Church, where he served faithfully as Assistant Pastor for 10 years. Dr. Green was called to pastor Timothy Baptist Church in August of 1993 and was installed in March 1994.


Deaconess Betty Green holds a Masters in Education and graduated from Bethel Bible Institute in May 1977 where she was awarded a diploma in Biblical Studies and licensed as a Missionary. She has conducted numerous workshops dealing with family, community, and social issues such as the Problem Child, Parent/Child, Communication/Effective Ways of Teaching Sunday School, Training for Effective Church Membership, Positive Problem Solving, Contracting, Effective Communication, Christians Interfacing With Christians, and Individual Accountibility. Currently, First Lady Green is the lead church consultant for African American churches in the Greater Boston Baptist Association.


Deaconess Green is a true woman of God! As first lady, she saw a need and began to share her knowledge of the Word and her love for the members of Timothy. She has a particular love for the youth and the women of the church. This love was the motivating force that led her to develop the WEBS (Women’s Evening Bible Studies). As a result, women of all ages, dealing with a complexity of social issues, have strengthened their walk with the Lord. She is the main catalyst in assisting in the preparation and research for other classes that are held at Timothy.


Deaconess Green served as president of the Deaconess Ministry for five years and was also Co-director of the Senior Choir. She is the director of the Christain Education and Discipleship Ministry and a former board member of the Baptist Convention of New England. Deaconess Betty Green is truly an example of a strong armor bearer for her husband as well as the church.


More important than their success in community commitments is their love for God and for the people of God. Dr. and Deaconess Green are firm believers that they must stand on the WORD of GOD. This belief has been the major force behind their work as a team. We at Timothy thank God for placing such servants in our midsts.