Deacon Rory L. Grace, Chairman

Ministry Leader(s):

Chairman: Deacon Rory Grace


Ministry Members:

Deacon: Rory L. Grace, Warren Norris

Deaconess: Ellie Charley, Iva Cooley, Katherine Dukes, Betty Green, Alberta Guess, Odella Higginbotton, Johnnie Mae Maxwell, Sonya Norris, Teresa Ortolaza, Mary Smith, Diana Strother, Annie Taylor


Ministry Mission Statement:

The Diaconate shall:

1. Assist the Pastor in his work

2. Consider with him all applicants for church membership and all requests

for letters of dismissal

3. Cooperate with him in providing pulpit supplies and Communion

4. Shall lead devotional service

5. Visit the sick, needy and distressed members of the church

6. Contact inactive members


The Diaconate shall also present a detailed report of its work to the Advisory Council along with the statement of their treasurer.


Ministry Purpose and Responsibilities:

The Deacon and Deaconess ministries are two ministries that make one overall ministry named the Diaconate. The Diaconate will be led by a president and a vice president; one selected from each of the two ministries. This Diaconate ministry will also share a secretary, treasurer, chaplain, etc. Both ministries are obligated to oversee, nurture, and care for the members of the church. Although the Deacons and Deaconess share some of the same duties, they are distinguished by title, qualifications, and credentials.


Requirements for Membership:

All members must be selected from the membership according to Scriptural requirements.


How Do I Become A Member?

Selected from the membership according to Scriptural requirements.


How Often and When Does the Ministry Meet:

Scheduled meetings are once every month on the Saturday prior to the first Sunday.


Ministry Leader(s) Contact Information:

Deacon Grace: (617) 296-1104; rorygrace@hotmail.com

Deaconess Smith: (617) 825-3530